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Strategic Direction 1

Culturally and Globally Engaged

Create a cultural and globally engaged institute through diverse student enrollment and interaction in programmes infused with current evidence based practice and research aligned to a dynamic and challenging world view:

  • Infuse global diversity and cultural awareness and competencies within our academic programs
  • Develop international and domestic enrollments that are diverse in age and background,
  • Expand learning opportunities to include intercultural study/work.
  • Constantly seeking culturally diverse new markets in which to offer our services

Strategic Direction 2

Creative, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Apply creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking as we meet the evolving needs of students and employers alike, through fostering the development of essential skills in students while developing innovative programs that meet the needs of emerging and existing industry sectors.

  • Foster the development of creativity and innovative skills within our students
  • Support entrepreneurial thinking in students appropriate to career opportunities and expectations
  • Develop innovative programs that meet the needs of diverse students and open new recruitment markets
  • Support the local and global success of business through engagement with our students, our faculty, and our local and global relationships and partners

Strategic Direction 3

Experientially Focused

Provide a significantly enhanced experiential learning model that leverages of our location, practice partners and modern technology in developing a broad range of opportunities for Work Integrated Learning (WIL):

  • Expand our range of practice experiences and applied learning opportunities, including expanded learning enterprises; small and medium businesses that give students the opportunity to practice skills or services to the public
  • Diversify student opportunities for Work Integrated Learning
  • Develop individual skills for lifelong learning
  • Build on our unique learning environment.

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